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Moving Home

Moving Home is known to be one of life’s biggest cause of stress and to relieve some of this stress we can provide a perfect opportunity to looking for a better deal whether that be with the current lender or another lender.

Most mortgages are portable, meaning that you can transfer them from the property you originally borrowed against to the home which you want to move to with the same lender.

Alternatively it is also an opportunity to look around for a better mortgage deal. Like any remortgage you should start by checking whether there are any penalties to pay on your existing home loan. In particular, there are likely to be fees and additional interest charges if you’re still in the special offer period of the loan – on a fixed or discounted deal rather than the lender’s standard variable rate.

In order to be better off by moving mortgage provider, you will need to find a deal that is sufficiently cheap to cover the cost of these penalties. That’s not impossible, though it will be easier to save money if your current deal is penalty-free.

Mortgages for those moving home are increasingly competitive and If you are trading up to a larger property, you may need to increase the size of your loan, but you will also need to ensure its affordable once you move into your new property, so it is crucial to get the right advice upfront